Gift a Scare tour

Send a loved one around a haunted funeral parlour.
Valid for tours only - HU9 1AT

Take notice -- please read carefully

Whether you believe or not!

You WILL agree to our terms

The tickets are vaild for SIX months only, it is at the discretion of the management to allow use for tours.

The tickets DO NOT include any specials or private booked tours.
You enter and are part of the tour at your own risk - Adults only (18+ age group). You will be asked to sign a waiver warning to enter the two 'Secret' rooms - age restriction to 21+ (proof required).

Precautionary measures have been taken within these rooms. You will be asked not to touch any items whatsoever or you will be immeadiatly removed from the tours.

Whilst care and attention has been taken we cannot provide a full guarantuee that any spirit or energy, ghost or poltergiest good or bad will not make an attachment to you or cause harm both psychical or mental.

The tours are comprised of the following;
  • The Annison Room
  • Sitting Room
  • Dybbuk Room (21+ room)
  • Dolls Room
  • Murder Room
  • Coffin Room
  • Stable of Witchcraft, Voodoo and Pirates
  • Medicine Room (under construction)
  • Police Room
  • Clowns Room
  • Landlady Room (under construction)
  • Fire Painting room
  • Monster House Room (21+ room)

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