Haunted Annisons Funeral Parlour Museum

Dare you visit the - Extraordinarium

Cursed Artefacts

Haunted items in each room

Haunted rooms, buildings and artefacts

Scare events
and evenings

**18+** Only
Scare for all

Several Scare nights are run each year including Halloween. Scare night sleep(ish) stay over its 24 hours of scares. Full details are on ghostwalkshull.co.uk

Funeral Room

All ages
From 1846

From the beginning of your life you're preparing to die!
See what the 1846 Annisons Funeral Parlour is all about. Embalming, clothing, Victorians, death and body snatching it's all here. With a few haunted items as well...

Secret Room
Cursed Artefacts

**18+** Only

The Secret locked room. Things in here are cursed, evil rooted and not to be taken lightly. You will have to sign a waiver before entering .....then it's your responsibility!

Paranormal Hire

Paranormal Groups
Open Year round

As seen on Most haunted Annisons Funeral Parlour. If you are into ghost hunting and want to see a very haunted yet unusual venue, Annisons Funeral Parlour is for you.

Hire our venue

18+ only
Very Haunted

We have large rooms available for any event, publicity stunt, wedding, talks, promotions, staff events and more. Why not add flavour to your event with a haunted venue.


Spiritually connected
Open minded
2 000 yr old

Appearing on every known TV channel Ralph has been acclaimed scary and yet polite, unless you're a demon. An expert in his field now showing you his haunted / cursed collections in one place.

Scary Moments

  • Annual 'Scare' event

    Book early it sells out!

  • Our visitors

    Yes they dress up! Why not you?

  • Ralph's a winner

    Winning an award

  • Just a note

    A spirited piece

  • Halloween event

    The night museum

  • Ralph Keeton

    Appearing on ITV and more

How it works

You Are Locked In

You will bring nothing in it will come to you, so listen to the spirit of each room. Use your own senses to feel and energise everything.

There's no clock..

You should stay as long as you feel comfortable. But each area has a theme, with dedicated deathly artefacts of horror or more.

Feel The Atmosphere

The rooms are built to create an authentic experience, attention is given to the real artefacts for you to see.


"I could not believe my eyes. I felt my scarf go from around my neck. I was standing still and as i opened my eyes it flew off me."
"We saw a figure of a female, she seemed to see us and dissappeared as though she wanted us to see her..."
"We were in the police station area and I felt an arm go around me. It felt so real I froze, people say behind me it went dark."
"For me being a sceptic it was areal eye opener, I truly felt ill next to one artefact and felt pains before it was expleined to me about it.."

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